Vehicle construction

The automotive industry places the highest demands on the safety, reliability and service life of all components. Gas springs ensure that tailgates, bonnets, soft tops and tailgates open and close with lasting precision.

Medical technology

High-precision adjustment options are essential in operating theatres, doctors' surgeries and in the care and rehabilitation sector in order to position medical devices safely and flexibly. They offer a high level of user comfort for doctors, medical staff and therapists.

Utility vehicles

Professional vehicles used in agriculture, construction and logistics are subject to particular stresses. Reliability and resistance to dust, weather and dirt are required here. 


Transport and traffic

Bauckhage gas springs are used in many vehicles and means of transport. Fold-out lids, tables, stairs, windows and bonnets are reliably positioned and fixed in place. This means comfort and safety for drivers and passengers.

Caravans and motorhomes

The demands for comfort, quality and safety in the leisure and motorhome sector are constantly increasing. Gas springs facilitate all movements of doors, windows or flaps and adjust where required. So your holiday begins as soon as you load and unload.

Sales trolleys and trailers

Safety, ease of use and customer service take centre stage in this sector. Bauckhage gas struts are ready for use even in difficult weather conditions. For fast and energy-saving work in sales and presentation.

Mechanical engineering

The possible applications for gas springs in mechanical engineering are unlimited. Bonnets, flaps and shelves of all kinds are brought into a safe and stable position. For customised adjustment and safe, energy-saving work on all types of production systems.

Ship construction

The requirements and loads are particularly high at sea and in inland waters. Hatch covers and other ship parts must be held securely in place even in heavy seas and stiff breezes. Bauckhage stainless steel gas springs in V2A or V4A quality are recommended here.

Sports and leisure equipment

Ergonomics, comfort and reliability are important here. And of course the design has to be right. Bauckhage gas springs cut an excellent figure both in the gym and under the sunbed and offer ease of use and many adjustment options.

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Furniture industry

Design, durability and ease of use are in demand in the furniture and furnishing industry. At the workplace, in the kitchen, bathroom or living and sleeping areas - gas springs work with high precision and also fulfil the highest visual demands.